MEAN Web Development Review


I just finished my lecture of the book, MEAN Web Development, from Packt Publishing editorial and written by Amos Q. Haviv, you found the book here.

A very interesting and comprehensive book, especially suitable for developers who want to guide your career towards a model of end-to-end programming, performing all their applications with the Javascript language, reading this book we can learn to program in this language, as well as all kinds of web applications as well as going to implement all kinds of improvements as may be security, automatic deployment, test, etc.

Specifically we will be able to learn how to use MongoDB (with its data management BSON format), Express (with route management and drivers), AngularJS (with its management model MVW) and NodeJS (with everything you need to run our applications) as well as several packages that will make us more robust and better these applications (such as Passport, Grunt, Karma, etc …)




My next lecture…


This is my next lecture, Mean Web Development, a book from Packt Publishing, to learn how to construct a MEAN application using a combination of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js. If you need more information click the link


jQuery for Designers Beginner’s Guide Second Edition review


I just finished reading the book jQuery for Designers Beginner’s Guide Second Edition, from Packt Publishing editorial and written by Natalie MacLees, you found the book here

Today it’s difficult to talk about javascript, without mentioning jQuery, jQuery is a javascript library (most used), that makes it easier to interact with HTML documents, manipulate the DOM, handling events, developing animations, and add interaction with AJAX technique in web pages. 

In this book we discover how to start working with jQuery into our html projects and how to modify the content of our blog to make it more interesting, how to build interactive menus for our website, how to create Slideshows and Sliders for our photos, how to working with Responsive Designs, and how to create effects with the scroll, etc… with simple examples for each of the many tasks that make up the book (this is a book with a lot of pages).

This is a very good book, especially recommended for designers and front-end developers with minimum knowledge in javascript in front-end environments.

Backbone.js Blueprints Review


Today I finished my last technical book, Backbone.js Blueprints, from Packt Publishing editorial and written by Andrew Burgess (he writes code and writes about code), this is the link of the book:

Backbone is a javascript framework for building applications following the MVC pattern, this book teaches us how to create 7 different projects (a simple blog, a photo-sharing application to live data dashboard, a calendar, a chat application, a podcast application and a game), in great detail (along with its code of creation). .

With each of the examples, we learn about all the possibilities provided us the framework, and how we used to create different types of applications discovering the power of Backbone.js

This book is especially recommended for developers with average knowledge in Javascript, and with at least a minimum level in javascript backend environments such as node.js, where all the examples are run.

Enjoy it!

My next lecture


Hi friends,

today I have started reading the book Backbone.js Blueprints, written by Andrew Burgess and published by Packt Publishing, this is the link: When I finish it I will post a review about it.





Review Node Cookbook



I have finished the book Node Cookbook, a book written by David Mark Clements and published by Packt Publishing.

This is an interesting book if you want develop applications in a javascript enviroment, NodeJS is right now a programming environment that is used increasingly in developing all types of web applications, and consists of executing javascript on the server side.

The book is very well structured, talking about how to create a server, to how to create your own modules in node, through HTTP calls, data serialization, use of database, sockets at real-time communications, the express framework for web pages, and security settings on the server.
It’s especially suitable for senior profiles in javascript but with the amount of code snippets any developer could create their own applications with nodejs framework.

Highly recommended, now I’ll start developing my new website with nodejs, express and mongoDB with the help of the book!

Kind regards and enjoy the summer!